Blackpool Show Tickets for Illuminasia

Illuminasia show at Blackpool Winter Gardens


Show Description

Illuminasia is Blackpool´s newest all year, all weather attraction. It is located in the Olympia Exhibition Hall within magnificent Blackpool´s Winter Gardens. Illuminasia is the worlds largest indoor indoor illuminations experience. Illuminasia blends Blackpool´s historic Illuminations with thousands of years of traditional Chinese lantern craft to create a truly unique Illuminations experience. The Illiminasia attraction occupies thousands of square meters of the Olympia Exhibition Hall. With hundreds of incredible illuminated structures arranged in 6 diverse zones. The zones including ´The Mysteries of China´, ´The Blackpool Experience´, ´The Planetarium´, ´Land of the Giants´, ´Under The Sea´ and ´The Wonders Of The World´, complete with a 13 metre high model of Blackpool Tower. Illuminasia is an immersive, family-friendly attraction suitable for captivating the imaginations of all ages. It is perfect for groups and schools seeking educational and cultural opportunities, all under-cover and in one place.

Show Dates

Show DateTimePrice fromBuy Tickets
Saturday 29th April11:00£10.95
Sunday 30th April11:00£10.95
Monday 1st May11:00£10.95
Tuesday 2nd May11:00£10.95
Wednesday 3rd May11:00£10.95
Thursday 4th May11:00£10.95
Saturday 6th May11:00£10.95
Sunday 7th May11:00£10.95
Tuesday 9th May11:00£10.95
Wednesday 10th May11:00£10.95
Thursday 11th May11:00£10.95
Saturday 13th May11:00£10.95
Sunday 14th May11:00£10.95
Tuesday 16th May11:00£10.95
Wednesday 17th May11:00£10.95
Thursday 18th May11:00£10.95
Saturday 20th May11:00£10.95
Sunday 21st May11:00£10.95
Tuesday 23rd May11:00£10.95
Wednesday 24th May11:00£10.95
Thursday 25th May11:00£10.95
Saturday 27th May11:00£10.95
Sunday 28th May11:00£10.95
Monday 29th May11:00£10.95
Tuesday 30th May11:00£10.95
Wednesday 31st May11:00£10.95
Thursday 1st June11:00£10.95
Friday 2nd June11:00£10.95
Saturday 3rd June11:00£10.95
Sunday 4th June11:00£10.95
Tuesday 6th June11:00£10.95
Wednesday 7th June11:00£10.95
Thursday 8th June11:00£10.95
Saturday 10th June11:00£10.95
Sunday 11th June11:00£10.95
Tuesday 13th June11:00£10.95
Wednesday 14th June11:00£10.95
Thursday 15th June11:00£10.95
Saturday 17th June11:00£10.95
Sunday 18th June11:00£10.95
Tuesday 20th June11:00£10.95
Wednesday 21st June11:00£10.95
Thursday 22nd June11:00£10.95
Saturday 24th June11:00£10.95
Sunday 25th June11:00£10.95
Tuesday 27th June11:00£10.95
Wednesday 28th June11:00£10.95
Thursday 29th June11:00£10.95
Saturday 1st July11:00£10.95
Sunday 2nd July11:00£10.95
Tuesday 4th July11:00£10.95
Wednesday 5th July11:00£10.95
Thursday 6th July11:00£10.95
Saturday 8th July11:00£10.95
Sunday 9th July11:00£10.95
Tuesday 11th July11:00£10.95
Wednesday 12th July11:00£10.95
Thursday 13th July11:00£10.95
Saturday 15th July11:00£10.95
Sunday 16th July11:00£10.95
Tuesday 18th July11:00£10.95
Wednesday 19th July11:00£10.95
Thursday 20th July11:00£10.95
Saturday 22nd July11:00£10.95
Sunday 23rd July11:00£10.95
Monday 24th July11:00£10.95
Tuesday 25th July11:00£10.95
Wednesday 26th July11:00£10.95
Thursday 27th July11:00£10.95
Friday 28th July11:00£10.95
Saturday 29th July11:00£10.95
Sunday 30th July11:00£10.95
Monday 31st July11:00£10.95
Tuesday 1st August11:00£10.95
Wednesday 2nd August11:00£10.95
Tuesday 8th August11:00£10.95
Wednesday 9th August11:00£10.95
Thursday 10th August11:00£10.95
Friday 11th August11:00£10.95
Saturday 12th August11:00£10.95
Sunday 13th August11:00£10.95
Monday 14th August11:00£10.95
Tuesday 15th August11:00£10.95
Wednesday 16th August11:00£10.95
Thursday 17th August11:00£10.95
Friday 18th August11:00£10.95
Saturday 19th August11:00£10.95
Sunday 20th August11:00£10.95
Monday 21st August11:00£10.95
Tuesday 22nd August11:00£10.95
Wednesday 23rd August11:00£10.95
Thursday 24th August11:00£10.95
Friday 25th August11:00£10.95
Saturday 26th August11:00£10.95
Sunday 27th August11:00£10.95
Monday 28th August11:00£10.95
Tuesday 29th August11:00£10.95
Wednesday 30th August11:00£10.95
Thursday 31st August11:00£10.95
Friday 1st September11:00£10.95
Saturday 2nd September11:00£10.95
Sunday 3rd September11:00£10.95
Tuesday 5th September11:00£10.95
Wednesday 6th September11:00£10.95
Thursday 7th September11:00£10.95
Friday 8th September11:00£10.95
Saturday 9th September11:00£10.95
Sunday 10th September11:00£10.95
Tuesday 12th September11:00£10.95
Wednesday 13th September11:00£10.95
Thursday 14th September11:00£10.95
Friday 15th September11:00£10.95
Saturday 16th September11:00£10.95
Sunday 17th September11:00£10.95
Tuesday 19th September11:00£10.95
Wednesday 20th September11:00£10.95
Thursday 21st September11:00£10.95
Friday 22nd September11:00£10.95
Saturday 23rd September11:00£10.95
Sunday 24th September11:00£10.95
Tuesday 26th September11:00£10.95
Wednesday 27th September11:00£10.95
Thursday 28th September11:00£10.95
Friday 29th September11:00£10.95
Saturday 30th September11:00£10.95
Sunday 1st October11:00£10.95
Tuesday 3rd October11:00£10.95
Wednesday 4th October11:00£10.95
Thursday 5th October11:00£10.95
Saturday 7th October11:00£10.95
Sunday 8th October11:00£10.95
Tuesday 10th October11:00£10.95
Wednesday 11th October11:00£10.95
Thursday 12th October11:00£10.95
Saturday 14th October11:00£10.95
Sunday 15th October11:00£10.95
Monday 16th October11:00£10.95
Tuesday 17th October11:00£10.95
Wednesday 18th October11:00£10.95
Thursday 19th October11:00£10.95
Friday 20th October11:00£10.95
Saturday 21st October11:00£10.95
Sunday 22nd October11:00£10.95
Monday 23rd October11:00£10.95
Tuesday 24th October11:00£10.95
Wednesday 25th October11:00£10.95
Thursday 26th October11:00£10.95
Friday 27th October11:00£10.95
Saturday 28th October11:00£10.95
Sunday 29th October11:00£10.95
Monday 30th October11:00£10.95
Tuesday 31st October11:00£10.95
Wednesday 1st November11:00£10.95
Thursday 2nd November11:00£10.95
Friday 3rd November11:00£10.95
Saturday 4th November11:00£10.95
Sunday 5th November11:00£10.95
Tuesday 7th November11:00£10.95
Wednesday 8th November11:00£10.95
Thursday 9th November11:00£10.95
Saturday 11th November11:00£10.95
Sunday 12th November11:00£10.95
Tuesday 14th November11:00£10.95
Wednesday 15th November11:00£10.95
Thursday 16th November11:00£10.95
Saturday 18th November11:00£10.95
Sunday 19th November11:00£10.95
Tuesday 21st November11:00£10.95
Wednesday 22nd November11:00£10.95
Thursday 23rd November11:00£10.95
Saturday 25th November11:00£10.95
Sunday 26th November11:00£10.95
Tuesday 28th November11:00£10.95
Wednesday 29th November11:00£10.95
Thursday 30th November11:00£10.95
Saturday 2nd December11:00£10.95
Sunday 3rd December11:00£10.95
Thursday 7th December11:00£10.95
Friday 8th December11:00£10.95
Saturday 9th December11:00£10.95
Sunday 10th December11:00£10.95
Thursday 14th December11:00£10.95
Friday 15th December11:00£10.95
Saturday 16th December11:00£10.95
Sunday 17th December11:00£10.95
Thursday 21st December11:00£10.95
Friday 22nd December11:00£10.95
Saturday 23rd December11:00£10.95


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